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Welcome to Addy Maine Photography, and to my first ever blog post! This is all new to me and to be quite honest, feels a bit strange. Trying to decide what to blog about doesn’t come easy for me, I’m quite reserved and a simple, private person, so I am a little bit out of my comfort zone.  So this blog will mostly be a personal peek into my thoughts and my life, as well as details from my latest sessions.

So after racking my brain trying to come up with my first subject, I decided on posting about the inspiration behind my photography business, and that is my beautiful son Cohen. He will probably be my one and only, and I cherish and adore him tremendously. He has blessed my life for five years now, and I try to capture images of him frequently, as he changes so much and too quickly! I wish time would slow down for a while so that I can enjoy his years of being little for longer. And just as a pre-warning, he will probably feature in many blog posts of mine.

When I was pregnant I knew I wanted to document his arrival to the world with Newborn photography, and I googled Perth newborn photography and came across a photographer that I just had to have to capture this special time in our lives. Her name is Fiona from Evoke Art Photography, and her work blew me away!  And she didn’t disappoint. In fact, she is another reason that I decided to embark on my photographic journey. Cohens newborn photos were amazing, I have a stunning gallery album which is so precious to me, and beautiful wall art that are still on my walls today, where I can lovingly be transported back in time to when he was so small, perfect and brand new.

I found myself wanting to capture every detail, every moment of those early days and months, before all of his tiny features disappeared forever. So I bought a new camera to help me capture these details, and that purchase also renewed my love of photography. I just love clicking that button!! Hundreds of photos later, I thought about starting my own photography business, concentrating on Newborn Photography. I borrowed some dear friends babies to practice on, and to see if this was something I would like to pursue. It was! Countless hours followed studying, online courses, learning editing and business practices, newborn and maternity forums, newborn workshops and mentoring with some of the most amazing photographers in the business ( I’ll leave that for another blog) I sourced and researched photography labs for products, so I can offer clients beautiful photography products to showcase their most precious baby, at this most priceless moment in time. You really do forget how small and perfect they once were!  I want to document this time for you, to pass on to generations.

It simply warms my heart to be able to capture such a precious moment in a little persons life, to capture a family so in love with the newest addition to their family. I love watching my newborn parents holding their precious baby and feeling the love and special bond they share. It brings back memories of when my son was a newborn, and helps to keep that feeling alive for me. I love my job!

Thanks for sharing this journey with me, I’ll leave you with some recent images of my boy, Cohen – Aged 5

Charmaine x


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